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Shipping and return of Goods


a.     Through our website
It  is very easy to choose a product in our virtual shop and to add to your trolley. Once you have completed your order, you will see the total amount and you can finalize your order.

b.      By phone or e-mail.
If it is easier for you, just give us a call or send us an e-mail, you will find our data in the “contact” section.

In the virtual shop you can inform yourself about our products, their prices and current offers.  Once you have chosen, just put them in your trolley, selecting buy now.

In your shopping cart you can:

  • select the quantity you require of each product and go back to the catalogue and add more products

  • You also can delete a product in case you have done something wrong

  • At the end, when everything is all right, just push the pay button

At this moment you just have to do whatever the program asks you to do.

Registering and customer data

If you register as a customer with us, it will be easier for you to buy, check your orders and revise previous orders.
For you to register we need

  • Your users name (e-mail address) and a password which you choose
  • Personal data  and home address

This way your data will be stored in our data base, and there will be no need to repeat them when ordering.
To send your order, we need your personal data and complete address.

When you are registered on our safe server or when you make an order, your personal data will be added to our data base, and will be solely used for processing your order.
 Guarantee and Return of Goods

Green Aloe accepts return of products within seven days of receipt of the goods by the customer, in case of products are in bad condition or faulty.

We do not take responsibility for damages occurred in shipping.

En Teguise - Lanzarote.
 Plaza de la Constitución,
 Mercadillo - Puesto Nº 38 (Todos los domingos por la mañana)
 Teguise, Lanzarote

Teléfono: 666 534 050